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Sean Azari

Sean Azari

Founder/CEO | Breakthrough Social


I am the founder of a Creative & Social Media Marketing Agency, Breakthrough Social, that has helped over 50+ businesses build their brand mainly through content development & distribution, influencer marketing, paid media campaigns, and other developing techniques.

Some of the clients I have worked / work with are: SoJo Spa Club (A Korean Bathhouse that has accumulated over 40k followers within a year through our effective content creation, distribution & campaigns), Safavieh (A large manufacturer in furniture & rugs), Sweetberry Bowls (Fast Casual Dining Restaurant), Rugs USA (Manufacturer of Rugs & eCommerce Website), Bioprogramming by Lumielina (Beauty/Hair Devices), Peter Coppola Beauty , and many others.

In my first year of starting Breakthrough Social, I worked on every aspect of the business. I was the designer, the creative director, the copyrighter, account manager, video editor, & sales representative. I was working with over 10+ different brands & handling over 15 in-house Instagram accounts that I have grown over hundreds of thousands of followers originally through just curated content.

In today’s world, you need to be very hands-on in the marketing world to really understand how to leverage it appropriately.


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