Video Stars: Capturing & Crafting Amazing Beauty Content

November 04
6:15 PM - 7:10 PM || -

If it’s not on video, did it really happen? Video content is drawing more eyes, attention and space across every platform. Learn how to create effective, purposeful, engaging clips of the right topics, quality, format and length, tailored specifically for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, your web site, email marketing and more.  How polished should the video be (or not be)? When should you stream live and when is it best to edit? What about lighting, setting, backgrounds and equipment? What are the best and easiest and affordable tools and apps to use?  What about rules and risks—copyright and usage guidelines and pitfalls to avoid? Industry experts Tony Stuart and Corey Gray from Your Day Off podcast interview video stars Sean Azari and Chris Dela Cruz.

Grand Ballroom