Setting Your Salon Digital Objectives & Path

November 04
5:15 PM - 6:10 PM || -

As you learn more about the possibilities and future of social media, digital tools and beauty, where do your personal and professional goals intersect? Do you aspire to influencer status? Want to engage as an educator? Use technology to be a better resource for your clients, staff and/or colleagues? Simply need to attract new business? Just as there are varied beauty careers and salon types to match the spectrum of salon artists, entrepreneurs and nurturers, there are different ways to handle social media tools and digital expertise to accomplish your goals and align with your identity. Tech expert and beauty enthusiast influencer Sarah Bryant presents real-salon based profiles, case studies, interactive worksheets and real-time audience surveys to help attendees solidify your goal-setting process and next steps. Includes live interview with salon artist and educator Chief Behr, and his insights on pushing outside his comfort zone and pursuing a (non-influencer) digital beauty path less taken.

Grand Ballroom